San Francisco in the mid 60s, is where I discovered my love of the camera. Fortunate enough to be at the forefront of one of the biggest movements in generations, there was no shortage of interesting opportunities to hone my skills.

Every generation faces a defining crisis however, and ours was war. Suddenly life changed when I was drafted to help Uncle Sam. Friends decided to take their chances in Canada, as I took my place in the ranks of the army. Scheduled for deployment to Vietnam, I was fortunate to be reassigned to a post in Germany at the last minute. My post, as fate would have it, was next to a darkroom where I could practice my craft in off duty hours.

After my discharge from the Army I returned to my career with an international technology company in the San Francisco bay area.  I retired from the technology sector in 2006 and founded a professional photography business in Austin Texas. A significant  portion of my time was devoted to Operation Love Reunited, a group of photographers who provided free photo sessions and prints to military families dealing with an overseas deployment. A passion of mine is my ability to see stories through the viewfinder and document these memories for future generations. This work has created friendships and relationships I cherish to this day.  

My work was abruptly stopped when a rare lung disease I had  been fighting required a treatment that also caused me to lose my eyesight, the photographer's greatest tool. When asked what to do, doctor’s only replied wait and hopefully time will provide a cure.  

My eyesight is luckily returning, allowing me a second glimpse at the families I’ve had the privilege to photograph. Currently, I am working on rebuilding my website to showcase these photos and honor these brave military families.

At the moment, my lung condition prevents me from returning to professional photography, but my passion lives on and my hope is to once again be behind the camera.