If you're reading these words, chances are you were greeted by a big fat 404 error page in the past (don't you just hate those?). Well, get ready for a new story because I'm back online.

You may be wondering where I went (or how to send donuts). Well, take a seat because I'd love to tell you about my journey to Kilimanjaro where I made jackets for millennials out of rare albino yak hide (because the real story isn't as fun). If you want to read a significantly less happy version, you can find it here.

This site previously featured images from my professional photography business. After coming back online and doing a slight revamp, I decided to focus on sharing a different side of my life's work. This collection of images represent my personal passion project, Operation Love Reunited. The portraits here were done pro-bono for the families of the brave men and women defending our nation. These touching sessions were organized to provide military families with a lasting memory of their loved ones overseas and to tell the story of their safe return.

If you're another shutterbug like myself, I urge you to consider working for this wonderful organization. Your time and skills will go toward creating permanent keepsakes families will never forget. You can learn more, and volunteer your time and experience here.